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3D User Building and Pest Inspector Pack

$2,990 inc GST

  • 3D Standard Inspection System Software
  • Building Compact Template
  • Building Room-by-Room Template
  • Timber Pest Template

Product Description

It is easy to use, fully customisable to suit your inspecting style and will compile a comprehensive professional Inspection Report for your clients. The Building & Pest Inspection Template is unique. This template combines standards Australian Standards 4349.3-2010 and 4349.1-2007. The uniqueness of this report is that it enables the replication of inaccessible areas identified in the building report automatically in the pest report when compiled.

The Building & Pest Inspection Template is the best of both! Designed for professionals who are both building and pest inspectors, this template enables the inspector to complete both building and pest details as they inspect the property. The finished report can be one property report or split into separate building and pest reports.

Available in a Compact and Room by Room formats.

  • Compact format is ideal for Pre Purchase Inspections where all internals are combined.
  • Room by Room is ideal for a focused Pre Purchase Inspection, commercial or special purchase Inspections where internal areas are separated with their unique internals eliminates.

All templates have standard wording for terms and conditions for the inspector and client protection. In addition there is an extensive library of pre worded clauses that when selected protect your liability.