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3D Users AU & NZ was originally founded to improve networks between 3D Inspection System users in Australia. As 3D Inspection Systems is an American product Australia needed an easy place to resolve their 3D queries promptly in a high paced profession.

Dale Kennedy 2013 Photo

Dale Kennedy saw a need and fulfilled the demand for an Australian and New Zealand based support and distribution. Dale is an enthusiastic supporter of the 3D Inspection System and enjoys helping other inspectors achieve the most from their reporting software. Dale’s unique ability to understand inspectors reporting needs has enabled him to offer education, learning and support for the 3D Inspection System software to users in the Australia & New Zealand region.

Dale is a 3D Inspection System Authorised Distributor. Dale convened the first 3D Users Conference Australia in Sydney, March 2012. He followed on to provide another three 3D events; October 2012 in Sydney, August 2013 on the Gold Coast and August 2014 again in Sydney.  These conferences have become a regular event providing a forum for 3D users to network with like-minded inspectors from all over Australia and New Zealand.

To speak with Dale about your reporting needs feel free to email him direct on +612 425 223 008 or email



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